Fine Art By Dome: The Healing Art

Have you ever needed the perfect piece for your accent wall? Or a piece that gives your bedroom a certain feng shui? How about a piece that can make the entire atmosphere feel serene? Well if you are reading this article today, you are in luck; because Fine Art by Dome Betz is the place to shop. She has some of the best handcrafted acrylic paintings I have seen. I had the chance to interview this Chicago native, and her love for her craft will create love in whatever atmosphere you put her art in. So here is the interview , and remember shop Once I move and put my piece in my new place I will do a follow up on how art can heal. 

Q: Can you please give us your name, background, business name, and business background.

A: My name is Domè Betz and I am a Lithuanian born artist. I spent many years getting rowdy in Chicago and I finally found peace in Colorado Mountains. Now I spend my days creating in my rural home studio.

Q: When did you realize you were artistically gifted?

A: We are all artistically gifted; I just never let anyone convince me otherwise. My mom was an artist so she always encouraged my creative endeavors. I’ve experimented with many different creative outlets and I never felt that I couldn’t do something. I can always improvise or figure it out. There is no right or wrong in art.  
Q: What is your artistic focal point?

A: After all these years, I’ve come to realize that oil paint is my one true love. I love how vibrant and moldable it is. I use this medium to capture the flow of natural energy. I love the organic, subtle movements in all that exists and I try to translate into my own visual language. It’s also really important for me to charge my art with a strong positive energy of abundance and love. I want my pieces to radiate peace into every space they inhabit.

Q: Where do you draw inspiration to create?

A: Nature. I love her so much. The smells, the colors, the textures, the sounds, the moods, the movements. We are gifted with so many senses and we have so much to experience. I love nature in its raw, unaltered state. It’s so wild and beautiful and infinite. I am so proud to be a part of it so then I have no choice but to produce something beautiful.  

Q: What message or feeling do you want people to take from your art?

A: I want people to feel a sense of calmness when they view my art. I want it to radiate peace and love. We all subconsciously identify with this infinite energy of love and abundance, and hopefully people can find it in my paintings.  

Q: How can people purchase your art? What is the price range?

A: You can purchase my art through my etsy shop:, or through my instagram profile (check out with paypal)

I have some items starting at a few bucks such as stickers, postcards and hand painted magnets.

My original oil paintings are priced $75-600.  

Q: Do you have any current or upcoming sales?

A: I will be releasing a new postcard design and they will be $1 each for a limited time. I also have weekly auctions on Instagram for some smaller, original works with bidding starting at $0! It gives people an opportunity to name their own price.

That was Dome Betz everyone if you are interested in what you heard, or would like to purchase any of the pieces you saw here visit, Also to see what Dome will create next follow her on Twitter and Tumblr @domaniapower. Also follow her on Facebook at If you enjoyed what you read come back on Tuesday for our talk with the Bitter Feminist!




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