Words of Healing with Kaotik the Poet

Hey everybody I’m back again, and this time I got to speak with another inspirational artist that goes by, Kaotik the Poet. Our talk was very spiritually nourishing. We got a chance to speak about passions, desires, and inspirations. As well as, the power of expressing your thoughts through words. I believe people’s artistry can heal; therefore, I hope you are healed by our conversation with Kaotik the Poet. 

Q: Can you please give use your name, background, business name, and business background?

A: My name is Louis Caldwell. I own Caldwell Services, and Sweet Lou’s Bar B Que. Caldwell Services is an automotive core purchasing service. I buy warranty parts from dealerships and sell them to rebuilders. I started these businesses because I wanted to leave something to my kids.

Q: Who is the Kaotik poet? How does he differ from you I everyday life?
A: Lol, who is Kaotik Poet? He is the manifestation of my passions and desires. He is the compromise between flesh and spirit. My expression of self in its purest form. He is the moment that I leave this plane and mentally let it all hang out. I don’t have to dumb it down for others. I am him and he is me in many aspects, yet I am bridled somewhat in real life. I find myself having to hold back, lol, I don’t think the World is ready. Kaotik Poet does this on some levels as well. Some things they just can’t handle.

Q: Why do you leave your poetry without a title?
A: Most of my poems are left without titles because, titles make them so impersonal. It’s like they have no beginning and no end. I don’t want to tell the reader what they’re about, I want their hearts to do that for me. Now mind you, In a lot of my earlier writing they have titles.

Q: Where does your inspiration to write come from? What is your creation process?

A: My inspiration to write comes from my past, present and hope for the future. It derives from an overwhelming need to teach, guide and love. Hmmmm, creation process, I don’t think I have one. It’s like my words just fall atop me all at once. I can be sleep and they come to me. I have dreamt of entire ideas for stories…lol. I know that sounds crazy but true. Someone may say something. I don’t know. The world feeds me its needs, and I am its speaker.

Q:When you state, “I just returned from war I did. With its smokey mouths and hidden lies. It’s hurried red lights and busy bodies with no business of their own. I just emerged from the battlefield where there were no soldiers, just drama Kings and Dairy Queens. From 9-5 I fought this war. From the country sides to the concrete jungles. I did indulge in civil gore,” what struggle did you overcome at that point?

A: This poem came to me while sitting at a red light. I am a people watcher. I sat and watched all of the soccer moms, the restless teens, the exhausted fathers. I saw how they all watched this red light. For that moment they all had one thing in common, that light. That light offered them a moment peace, which they rejected. I watched how they glared at one another. No love, no compassion. Like the light belonged to them. I then pushed on through my day and lent my attention to more observations. We fight our way through our days. Leaving behind casualties, whether it be emotionally, mentally or spiritually. We are on a course to slaughter one another. We are at war.

Q: What new projects are you working on? How can we expect your poetry to evolve?

A: Currently I am gathering up my writings. I have found someone to help me with editing and organization. The problem is there are over five hundred manuscripts that I know of. I have my work cut out for me. I believe my poetry will evolve into a more pure truth. I want to take some writing classes, but we will see. Whatever is in God’s will.

Q:What do you want people to take from your poetry?

I want people to take from my poetry, that they are not alone in any journey, any struggle. We have all gone through it. Don’t be afraid to speak your truths. I want them to know that I have lived every word I wrote. Know That I am my brother’s keeper, and he will be kept.

Hopefully you were touched and took something from the Kaotik Poet. Moving forward I hope you let your spirit free and can inspire through your words. If you were moved by this interview please follow Louis @kaotikpoet on Instagram. Tune in on Friday to hear from a visual artist Diane Roka. I will leave you with a poem by Kaotik the Poet!

                        Killing Me Slowly

Someone help me I’m bleeding words, my pen has become a scythe and it’s killing thoughts by the second. It’s a lyrical psychopath going straight for the jugular, it’s become a verbal juggernaut. I’m running but I’m in slow motion, my pen is in flow motion, with each poem it’s picking up momentum…. Someone help me, I’m bleeding words.

I am hemorrhaging words, my passion is falling away from me, help me, I struggle to catch my misery, I lay in a pool of ink, pumped from my flesh. From the center of my bones did this ink spill. Help me. With surgical precision this pen will expel my deepest pains. I’m dying indeed, my soul has been taken, I’m
lying in need, I can’t feel my heart where my words did feed. Someone help me I’m bleeding words.

I have found my peace, do not mourn me, weep for my words for they are lost to my mind, they have known me for a time, but are now dead to me, I wade within the dark corridors, for I am sightless,, my words gave vision, but now I don’t feel clearly, I’m sightless, my purpose has departed. I’m fight less. I am beyond help I’m bleeding words.
When I have past the last wisp of my living breath, tell them of these words that did die. Lay me within a shallow keep where I may write from the grave, that I may
speak from behind the vail of the permanent sleep, from the unending dream my words did form. Upon my stoned head, may my truths be perched, I will lay not where you searched, I’m lurking about the bones of the slumbering poets where sorrows are heard……I have bled my words……..LTC3


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