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You’re Fat (Fabulous & Thick): Techniques to Concealing the Rolls by BreC

Good morning world, it’s BreC again, and I’m live from the land of waist trainers. When people see a big girl with a untrained waist on the beach, they may laugh and make fun of her. When people see a big girl in a cute outfit, they may say eewwww why would she wear that? Don’t get discouraged embrace the word fat because you truly are fabulous and thick. Although confidence wears a outfit, I wrote this article to give tips of how to go from eewwww to aye!
As a teenager I didn’t know how to dress for my weight. I would think I could wear the same thing that everyone around me wore and it wasn’t too appealing. I honestly think I was a in denial fat. Since the word has such negative connotations, it took me a long time to realize you can be fabulous and thick. I also realized the perfect weight is societal because every bigger bone in my body God made perfectly for me. Don’t get me wrong waist trainers, diet, and exercise are fine as long as you are doing it because you want too, not because society wants you too. Hopefully these tips can help you conceal the rolls and feel fabulous hunnies.

Big Girls Can:

1.) Big girls can wear crop tops. Crop tops are not just meant for smaller girls. If you have on high waist pants, a high waist skirt, or a flowy dress you can wear a crop top. If you have a top stomach role and you buy the crop top a size up it actually can act as a concealer.

2.) Big girls can wear dresses. You don’t have to be small to wear a dress. However, make sure the dress flares from the chest. When a dress is extremely flared it conceals the stomach. Ladies don’t be ashamed to shop in the plus size because bigger is better than smaller when it comes to a dress.


3.) Big girls can wear high waist clothes. You do not need a shapers to wear something high waist. The trick is full coverage panties. Get panties that can hold the roll because it will look concealed in whatever high waist bottom you chose. 

4.) Big girls can wear tights. No matter what size you are tights are an accessory not pants. If you are bigger be sure you have a long shirt, shorts, a skirt, or a dress to accompany the tights. It makes you look more fashionable and less displeasing to the eye.

5.) Big girls can wear muscle tanks. Sports bras cover back fat. When you are worried about people seeing the rolls in your back, and your breast sagging in the front. Conceal a wired bra under a sports bra. Than make sure the straps of the bra align with the tank so you can put on a bandeau too.

6.) Big girls can wear pencil skirts. The power of a shaper is key. When you are bigger you normally have curves beyond the gut. A shaper can make you look voluptuous, so do not be scared to use it.

7.) Lastly, big girls can wear a two piece. One pieces are my preference, but I have had two pieces in the past. Being as though bathing suits are a tighter material go a size smaller and make sure the bottoms are high waist. This technique can conceal the roll.

Do not let your roles consume you. Dress around your rolls, but do not let you rolls dress you. Big doesn’t mean your ugly, it just means you were given more assets to be sexy. So embrace that you’re fat (fabulous and thick). This summer wear what you want, and post picture because big girls rock too. 

P.s. A jean shirt, plaid shirt, oversized sweat shirt, or vest can help conceal side roles and are the perfect accessory to every outfit.