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Words of Healing with Kaotik the Poet

Hey everybody I’m back again, and this time I got to speak with another inspirational artist that goes by, Kaotik the Poet. Our talk was very spiritually nourishing. We got a chance to speak about passions, desires, and inspirations. As well as, the power of expressing your thoughts through words. I believe people’s artistry can heal; therefore, I hope you are healed by our conversation with Kaotik the Poet. 

Q: Can you please give use your name, background, business name, and business background?

A: My name is Louis Caldwell. I own Caldwell Services, and Sweet Lou’s Bar B Que. Caldwell Services is an automotive core purchasing service. I buy warranty parts from dealerships and sell them to rebuilders. I started these businesses because I wanted to leave something to my kids.

Q: Who is the Kaotik poet? How does he differ from you I everyday life?
A: Lol, who is Kaotik Poet? He is the manifestation of my passions and desires. He is the compromise between flesh and spirit. My expression of self in its purest form. He is the moment that I leave this plane and mentally let it all hang out. I don’t have to dumb it down for others. I am him and he is me in many aspects, yet I am bridled somewhat in real life. I find myself having to hold back, lol, I don’t think the World is ready. Kaotik Poet does this on some levels as well. Some things they just can’t handle.

Q: Why do you leave your poetry without a title?
A: Most of my poems are left without titles because, titles make them so impersonal. It’s like they have no beginning and no end. I don’t want to tell the reader what they’re about, I want their hearts to do that for me. Now mind you, In a lot of my earlier writing they have titles.

Q: Where does your inspiration to write come from? What is your creation process?

A: My inspiration to write comes from my past, present and hope for the future. It derives from an overwhelming need to teach, guide and love. Hmmmm, creation process, I don’t think I have one. It’s like my words just fall atop me all at once. I can be sleep and they come to me. I have dreamt of entire ideas for stories…lol. I know that sounds crazy but true. Someone may say something. I don’t know. The world feeds me its needs, and I am its speaker.

Q:When you state, “I just returned from war I did. With its smokey mouths and hidden lies. It’s hurried red lights and busy bodies with no business of their own. I just emerged from the battlefield where there were no soldiers, just drama Kings and Dairy Queens. From 9-5 I fought this war. From the country sides to the concrete jungles. I did indulge in civil gore,” what struggle did you overcome at that point?

A: This poem came to me while sitting at a red light. I am a people watcher. I sat and watched all of the soccer moms, the restless teens, the exhausted fathers. I saw how they all watched this red light. For that moment they all had one thing in common, that light. That light offered them a moment peace, which they rejected. I watched how they glared at one another. No love, no compassion. Like the light belonged to them. I then pushed on through my day and lent my attention to more observations. We fight our way through our days. Leaving behind casualties, whether it be emotionally, mentally or spiritually. We are on a course to slaughter one another. We are at war.

Q: What new projects are you working on? How can we expect your poetry to evolve?

A: Currently I am gathering up my writings. I have found someone to help me with editing and organization. The problem is there are over five hundred manuscripts that I know of. I have my work cut out for me. I believe my poetry will evolve into a more pure truth. I want to take some writing classes, but we will see. Whatever is in God’s will.

Q:What do you want people to take from your poetry?

I want people to take from my poetry, that they are not alone in any journey, any struggle. We have all gone through it. Don’t be afraid to speak your truths. I want them to know that I have lived every word I wrote. Know That I am my brother’s keeper, and he will be kept.

Hopefully you were touched and took something from the Kaotik Poet. Moving forward I hope you let your spirit free and can inspire through your words. If you were moved by this interview please follow Louis @kaotikpoet on Instagram. Tune in on Friday to hear from a visual artist Diane Roka. I will leave you with a poem by Kaotik the Poet!

                        Killing Me Slowly

Someone help me I’m bleeding words, my pen has become a scythe and it’s killing thoughts by the second. It’s a lyrical psychopath going straight for the jugular, it’s become a verbal juggernaut. I’m running but I’m in slow motion, my pen is in flow motion, with each poem it’s picking up momentum…. Someone help me, I’m bleeding words.

I am hemorrhaging words, my passion is falling away from me, help me, I struggle to catch my misery, I lay in a pool of ink, pumped from my flesh. From the center of my bones did this ink spill. Help me. With surgical precision this pen will expel my deepest pains. I’m dying indeed, my soul has been taken, I’m
lying in need, I can’t feel my heart where my words did feed. Someone help me I’m bleeding words.

I have found my peace, do not mourn me, weep for my words for they are lost to my mind, they have known me for a time, but are now dead to me, I wade within the dark corridors, for I am sightless,, my words gave vision, but now I don’t feel clearly, I’m sightless, my purpose has departed. I’m fight less. I am beyond help I’m bleeding words.
When I have past the last wisp of my living breath, tell them of these words that did die. Lay me within a shallow keep where I may write from the grave, that I may
speak from behind the vail of the permanent sleep, from the unending dream my words did form. Upon my stoned head, may my truths be perched, I will lay not where you searched, I’m lurking about the bones of the slumbering poets where sorrows are heard……I have bled my words……..LTC3


Fine Art By Dome: The Healing Art

Have you ever needed the perfect piece for your accent wall? Or a piece that gives your bedroom a certain feng shui? How about a piece that can make the entire atmosphere feel serene? Well if you are reading this article today, you are in luck; because Fine Art by Dome Betz is the place to shop. She has some of the best handcrafted acrylic paintings I have seen. I had the chance to interview this Chicago native, and her love for her craft will create love in whatever atmosphere you put her art in. So here is the interview , and remember shop Once I move and put my piece in my new place I will do a follow up on how art can heal. 

Q: Can you please give us your name, background, business name, and business background.

A: My name is Domè Betz and I am a Lithuanian born artist. I spent many years getting rowdy in Chicago and I finally found peace in Colorado Mountains. Now I spend my days creating in my rural home studio.

Q: When did you realize you were artistically gifted?

A: We are all artistically gifted; I just never let anyone convince me otherwise. My mom was an artist so she always encouraged my creative endeavors. I’ve experimented with many different creative outlets and I never felt that I couldn’t do something. I can always improvise or figure it out. There is no right or wrong in art.  
Q: What is your artistic focal point?

A: After all these years, I’ve come to realize that oil paint is my one true love. I love how vibrant and moldable it is. I use this medium to capture the flow of natural energy. I love the organic, subtle movements in all that exists and I try to translate into my own visual language. It’s also really important for me to charge my art with a strong positive energy of abundance and love. I want my pieces to radiate peace into every space they inhabit.

Q: Where do you draw inspiration to create?

A: Nature. I love her so much. The smells, the colors, the textures, the sounds, the moods, the movements. We are gifted with so many senses and we have so much to experience. I love nature in its raw, unaltered state. It’s so wild and beautiful and infinite. I am so proud to be a part of it so then I have no choice but to produce something beautiful.  

Q: What message or feeling do you want people to take from your art?

A: I want people to feel a sense of calmness when they view my art. I want it to radiate peace and love. We all subconsciously identify with this infinite energy of love and abundance, and hopefully people can find it in my paintings.  

Q: How can people purchase your art? What is the price range?

A: You can purchase my art through my etsy shop:, or through my instagram profile (check out with paypal)

I have some items starting at a few bucks such as stickers, postcards and hand painted magnets.

My original oil paintings are priced $75-600.  

Q: Do you have any current or upcoming sales?

A: I will be releasing a new postcard design and they will be $1 each for a limited time. I also have weekly auctions on Instagram for some smaller, original works with bidding starting at $0! It gives people an opportunity to name their own price.

That was Dome Betz everyone if you are interested in what you heard, or would like to purchase any of the pieces you saw here visit, Also to see what Dome will create next follow her on Twitter and Tumblr @domaniapower. Also follow her on Facebook at If you enjoyed what you read come back on Tuesday for our talk with the Bitter Feminist!



Spinach for a Saturday by Bri Alexander

Hello ladies and gentleman! Are we enjoying the fruitful possibilities of summer?! I know I took a brief hiatus from writing, but I had an exam to prepare for and well- I am back in action now and happy to introduce you all to more ideas and recipes! Now, I know we are all still summering-ing (I totally made that up), but today I would like to share with you all some recipes on brain foods and how to assure yourself maximum energy for, say, an exam! Let’s take a look into the night before and the big day, shall we?
The Night Before: Baked Salmon and Spinach with Brown Rice

Ingredients: * makes 1 serving 

Salmon​​​​ Spinach​​​​​ Rice

  • 1 cut, clean piece of salmon​​1 handful fresh spinach leaves ½ cup of brown rice
  • ¼ cup of vegetable oil​​¼ cup of vegetable oil​​ 2 tsp parsley
  • 1 tsp parsley​​​​1 tsp garlic​​​​ ½ tsp of salt
  • 2 tsp garlic​​​​¼ cup of water​​​ ½ tsp pepper 
  • ½ tsp salt​​​​½ tsp salt 1 chicken bouillon
  • ½ tsp pepper​​​​½ tsp pepper
  • ¼ diced onions

For the salmon: Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. In a small bowl, place your salmon, (should be thawed). Drizzle the vegetable oil over it and next add the spices and diced onions. Toss lightly with hand, making sure each side of the fish is seasoned. Next, take a small baking pan (adding cooking spray is optional) and place the seasoned fish and contents in. Bake for about 20 minutes, making sure to flip fish after 10-12 minutes until golden.

Why salmon: Salmon, like many other fish, is a great brain food because it is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. These belong to a special group of amino acids that are essential for our bodies especially because we cannot produce them on our own. These oils have been shown to improve brain function and plasticity as well as heart health.

For the spinach: Turn on a frying pan to medium heat and add vegetable oil. Let warm and add fresh, cleaned spinach to pan along with spices. Sautee, making sure that there is no burning. After about 5-7 minutes, reduce heat and add water to soften spinach and balance flavors.

Why spinach: Besides the fact that spinach is a vegetable, it is also a source of antioxidants which serve to preserve brain cells and improve memory.

For the rice: Boil 1 cup of water in a pot, add parsley to boiling water and bouillon cube. Add rice once water boils and then reduce to medium heat and place lid over pot. After 10-12 minutes, season rice with salt and pepper.

Why brown rice: Brown rice, like several other whole grains/wheats, is an excellent source of healthy carbohydrates. Carbs are essential because they metabolize into glucose that is used to fuel our bodies later.

The day of: Toasted whole grain bagel (peanut butter is a nice add) or muffin, dried fruit trail mix and scrambled eggs. *Don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

On the day of we want a source of grains, glucose and protein, all of which can be achieved here with these simple makings. Now, I know on test day we’re filled with anxiety and can barely figure out how to get the stove on, let alone make a big meal. But that’s okay, we don’t need these heavy things on test day. It’s best to keep it light and simple.

The toasted bagel is an excellent source of carbs and protein (if you add the peanut butter), the scrambled eggs also provide protein and the dried fruit trail mix contains nuts and fruit which supply both glucose and protein.

If you avid readers are eager to find out more about brain foods, visit these websites:

Stay tuned because next I’ll be coming at ya with quick and easy meals for college students!

Find Your Inner Power: Become Red by BreC

What’s up everybody? Today I want to talk to you about the color red. Do you every find yourself lacking the confidence to be yourself? Are you ashamed to speak up for what you believe in because you are scared to offend others? Do you view life pessimistically? Well all of this is going to change today because I am going to tell you how to find your inner red. Red is the color of power, it is closely connected to our physical needs and survival instinct. Although it is a warm positive color it also excites the emotion and creates energy. When you embrace your inner red you will discover a new found since of will, which will give you the power to be your true self, and ignore judgment or critique. Red awakens us physically, which means it promotes love and sex; however, too much red can create revenge and anger (which I will tell you how to stay away from later in this article). At its most positive red is a stimulant, which can bring out the optimistic, energetic, loving side of life.

Are You Red?

If you find red being your favorite color it says a lot about your personality. You are a person that needs physical achievement, fulfillment, and satisfaction in life. You probably tend to be very extroverted and optimistic and confident. You are a go getter, and live for the action. If your favorite color is red, when you step in a room all eyes will probably be on you (lol), because people truly love the energy you reflect. You possess this enthusiasm and energy for life that eliminates you fear to seek what you want. On the other hand, if you hate the color red you may be a person that is stressed. You may find out that you have issues loving and being love, and are unable to let go and have fun. Even though you long for love and excitement you are afraid to just go for it. Luckily this is not the end for you, you still have time to embrace your inner red, grab life by the horns, and ride it life a bull! Let me get into some red dos and donts that may be able to help you embrace that inner power.

Red Dos

  • Renovate your home: If you can afford to renovate a room in your home go for it. If you have a dinner room, a entertainment room, or a bedroom you only see at night create some red accents. A red boarder, a red accent wall, or some red furniture could truly spruce up the atmosphere. Red as I said before is an attention grabber. If you bring people into a red room the party will surely start. If you are having a house warming a red accent wall or boarder could spark conversation amongst your guest. On the other hand, if you have a red boarder or accent wall in your bedroom it could create that dream night you have been waiting for with you and your partner. Red brings life to a situation, so do not be afraid use it!
  • Reinvent yourself: If you are feeling weak and defeated find that red dress or red shirt in your closet. Red brings out a sense of self. When you put on red you will instantaneously feel bold and a sense of assurance. Do not let life throw you down. Get that red piece of clothing, put it on, hold your head up high, and ask the world: “Are you ready for me?” Red brings the power to reinvent, do not run from it, run towards it!

Red Donts

  • Don’t over renovate your home: Using red as an accent is great; however, using it as a base can be destructive. Too much red can create hostility and aggressiveness. You want to spark conversation, not confrontation with the color red so use it wisely. Remember create excitement, create a party, but do not create a fight night. Also in the bedroom, and accent will set the mood, but a fully red room will break the power button. You want to be able to relax in your room sometimes, and not always be stimulated. So remember use red wisely.
  • Don’t become an entirely new person: Red can be used as a reinvention tool; it brings out a side of you that was hiding. Do not wear red from head to toe; it can make you appear cocky or aggressive. Use red to let the world know you are sure of yourself, not that you think you are the only person that matters in the world. Red corduroys with a blue jean shirt are appealing; on the other hand a red bucket hat with a red jean shirt and red jeans is excessive. Once again use your reds to attract not intimidate. Remember use red wisely.

I hope you found The Color Diaries! segment on red useful to find out more on the color red you can visit:, and

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Thank you for reading, find your inner red, and click that follow button!

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