Frugal Fashion!

Hey my name is Angelica, and I am the writer behind, Frugal Fashion. Ever wonder what to do with those old threads? Yes you can donate them to a Goodwill, give to your younger siblings, clothes swap with some friends, but never throw them away. Being someone who is big on frugality when it comes to spending money, I like to revamp my old threads! Yes, you can take those old items and spruce them up. You can destroy some old denim, turn some old sweaters into skirts, blouses into purses, etc.! In the picture above I took an old skirt(It was actually brand new but she never wore it before) from my client and turned it into a matching skirt for that shirt she got made also! All this look takes is a simple sewing machine, or some hand stitching, and you have a new and improve item to add to your closet! Stay tuned for more detailed DIY projects! How about a Transformation Tuesday? We will feature a cool wardrobe transformation for anyone who wants to revamp those threads before they hit the dumpster or someone elses closet. See you guys next Tuesday!


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