The Color Diaries!


The Color Diaries!

By: BreC

Let’s Make Your Color Beautiful!

What’s up everybody, my name is BreC, and I am the voice of, The Color Diaries!  I spent the early years of my life pleasing and making other people happy. However, when I turned 20 I realized I did not focus on my own happiness enough. This is when I decided to search for the things that truly make me happy. During this search I realized the atmosphere truly affects my mood. Although people may not realize it, color has a large effect on the atmosphere. Have you ever felt a sense of serenity while lying on a green bed of grass looking at a blue sky? Do you ever feel bold when you put on your little red dress, or a red fitted? Does a sunny day make you want to go out on the town and show out? This happens because colors affect feelings and emotions. So with The Color Diaries!  I will be telling you color dos and donts. My goal is to tell you what colors will brighten up your day, and the colors that can just stay away. If you love what you read on The Color Diaries!  join #projectcolorme. #Projectcolorme is a color experiment; send me your color stories to and you will be featured on #projectcolorme too! One love, all colors!


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